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Feedback From Peer Support Central’s Students and Clients


Here’s what Students and Clients have to say about us:

“The instructors! Hands down, very experienced, knowledgeable and prepared. I feel I have a great start.”

“The instructors were very enthusiastic, got and kept my attention.”

“These are actual tools that assist in every form of my life.”

“I really appreciate the real life stories. Casual learning environment, team approach. Well organized and developed. Thank you!”

“Highly recommend to other peer support members and agencies.”

“Instructors are awesome and inspiring.”

“Instructors knowledge was outstanding, their personal experiences were great.”

“Great class. The instructors have a passion to help us.”

“Excellent course! I’ve learned so much during the three days and will utilize the very useful information.”

“Interaction with the instructors was great, I felt they were very approachable, sincere, and passionate about helping others.”