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Corporate Training & Consulting

Managing Community and Organizational Conflict:

A three (3) or five (5) day course. The Dialog for Peaceful Change process was developed in Northern Ireland to build and develop community and organizational relationships so as to prevent and resolve conflict after 25 years of civil war. To win peace at the neighbourhood and community level by educating community members on the dynamics of conflict, building trust through common goals, and maintaining a peaceful dialog to resolve issues of conflict. The five day course provides conflict mediation training and scenarios. DPC training is offered in locations around the globe.

Executive Coaching Service:

Executive coaching is a specialized form of consulting that aims to help executives develop needed leadership skills, such as the art of influence, and the ability to delegate and groom successors. Executives are often promoted from positions where they performed well but did not necessarily use or develop the higher level leadership skills that are now required. Executive coaches work one-on-one with executives to develop their skills and enhance their careers.